Guiding Principles


Renshinkan Karate-do is the path of
human development.



Respect for human life

Karate-do is a lifelong pursuit, and it is necessary to be sound both in mind and body. Renshinkan Karate-do is a way to secure safety and respect for human life, so we practice Kumite with protective gears. Karate-do is not a martial art whose ultimate purpose is to win or lose, but a way to live and let live.



Karate Techniques

Do not get hit by others, do not hit others. Not to hurt oneself and others is the origin of Karate-do.
Renshinkan Karate-do is a refined and splendid self-defense method to control big with small, long with short, and stiff with soft. (Even small people can overcome big ones by being flexible and confronting them and attack the opponent at close range. Supple ones can endure better than hard ones.)
The completed Kumite techniques of Renshinkan must not be used for "violence without justice".



Character cultivation

Karate-do is a health practice following the law of nature. A sound body is the foundation to develop a sound spirit. Renshinkan Karate-do is a path to realize the truth with the body and to cultivate imperturbable mind and the self.



Academic Pursuit

To master Karate is to pursue the truth. No matter what changes there are in life or in the world, those who realize the truth will never lose sight of themselves. We should also have the courage to carry out what we believe to be right.



Moral Pursuit

We respect civility and harmonize with others through Karate-do, and we learn the sublimity of living nobly as a human-being while enhancing each other. To "live rightly" for other people is the basis for creating a sound society, which is the eternal task and wish of humankind. Leading a peaceful society begins with the spirit of gratitude for what we owe from others and doing things without self-pride or selfishness.



Artistic Pursuit

Each move expressed in Kata has a beauty that fascinates people in stillness, pause, and movement. When a Kata is refined through daily hard training and with aspiration for improvement, it takes on a life of its own. The beauty that emerges from the inside of a person is far more beautiful than the glamour of the appearance alone.

Building a sound society begins with the formation of a sound individual.
Standing in ruins after the end of the world war two, the late founder Tamotsu Isamu founded Renshinkan based on his strong belief that the core of the reconstruction of his devastated homeland "Japan" would be the human development through Budo. The founder's words, "Building a sound society begins with the formation of a sound individual," have been passed down to this day by supporting Renshinkan as the philosophy of the style, as well as supporting the dreams and hopes of the youth.
  • Thinking a year ahead, you grow flowers
  • Thinking ten years ahead, you grow trees
  • Think a hundred years ahead and you will grow a human