2023.10.29〈Nov.3,2023〉51st National Tournament of Renshinkan Karate-Do

Time has come that we see the falling leaves at Sohonzan.

We find bugs snuggling around those fallen leaves on the ground to stand cold in the early mornings and evenings, where trees are changing their landscapes in silence as time goes by. The ever-changing nature shows us its beauty. Passing autumn and winter, they are quietly preparing energy of its buds and leaves for spring.

Likewise, it’s the spirit of Renshinkan to watch ourselves in the light of nature, which I am sure this is the way of Renshinkan style to train ourselves in tranquility.

We are moving forward steadily.

We will hold 51st Tournament with peers who gather at Sohonzan, thinking of the founder, Tamotsu Isamu, who once trained himself in a salty breeze at Okinawa.

Enjoy the Tournament from the bottom of your heart and you will be finding unexpected and new part of yourself.

Taking this opportunity, I truly appreciate all the Dojo-cho and colleagues who have worked hard and cooperated in the opening of the tournament.

I do hope the success of the National Tournament.

Soke, Tamotsu Yuzo

Renshinkan Sohonzan.

Notice: Only the people who wear the dedicated T-shirt can enter the convention site.